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How to get to Moraine Lake?

Updated: Apr 30

Hey friends! 

Let's talk about a place that's basically the VIP section of Mother Nature's party –

It's so VIP that private cars are a no-go! They got booted out because parking spots were as elusive as Sasquatch. This little piece of paradise is tucked away in the Canadian Rockies, and trust me, it's THE spot where mountains and water throw the coolest bash.

So, where's the party at? Moraine Lake is chilling in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. It is 95 km from Canmore, 72 km from Banff, and 15 km from Lake Louise Village. It's like the cool kid on the block, surrounded by ten majestic peaks that keep the vibe absolutely breathtaking. And when I say the water here is blue, I mean it's like someone spilled a giant bucket of blue paint and thought, "Yeah, that looks about right!"

Picture this: you roll up to Moraine Lake, and suddenly, it's like the whole world hit pause. The mountains are waving hello, the water is doing a little happy dance, and even the trees are giving you a nod of approval.

So, who's ready to ditch the private cars, embrace the shuttle life, and join the cool squad at Moraine Lake?

So, Let's dive into how to get to Moraine Lake. Shall we?

But before we do that, let us explain why personal vehicles are no longer allowed at Moraine Lake. In the not-too-distant past, Moraine Lake became the hottest ticket in town (or the Rockies, rather). Driving there in your own car was like attempting a secret mission.

Picture this: if you wanted a parking spot, you had to make your way there at an ungodly 2:00 AM. At that hour, the only thing you'd be looking at is the back of your eyelids because, well, it's nighttime! So, you'd find yourself napping in your car, hoping that your dreams were as scenic as the Lake itself.

But not everyone was peacefully napping. Some visitors decided that the Moraine Lake parking lot was the perfect venue for an impromptu midnight party. It was like a wildlife disco, with noise, party lights, and the occasional chipmunk dancing around.

Suppose you preferred a daytime adventure. Good luck! Around 5,000 cars were turned away daily, creating a traffic jam that rivalled the morning rush hour in a big city. It was like trying to catch a glimpse of a rare species - the elusive Moraine Lake parking spot. Can you imagine hungry sharks circling their prey? Well, picture that, but with cars circling the turn-off to Moraine Lake road, eagerly waiting for the gate to magically swing open for a brief moment.

This parking predicament led to a new form of street art – cars decorating the narrow Moraine Lake road, creating a vehicular obstacle course for us, the brave tour guides, and shuttle drivers. It was like navigating through a maze of cars while juggling flaming torches. Not an easy feat! 

Parks Canada took charge last year, implementing some traffic control measures at Moraine Lake. They decided to keep the personal vehicles at bay and reserved the spotlight for the commercial ones. It was like orchestrating a grand performance of order and tranquility, giving the local wildlife a well-deserved break from the usual hustle and bustle and ensuring everyone, tourists and critters alike, could enjoy the natural beauty without any unnecessary commotion.

Moraine Lake Shuttle - The solution

So, now that we've survived the Jurassic Park of parking, how do you get to Moraine Lake, the rockstar of lakes?

And especially, how do you get to Moraine Lake from Canmore or Banff?

Canmore Travel offers a direct shuttle to Moraine Lake and Lake Louise. No need to drive to Lake Louise village, playing transportation hopscotch. We'll pick you up at one of our five convenient locations in Canmore or Banff and transport you straight to the lake/s. 

Our pick-up locations are:

Our friendly, local, and knowledgeable drivers will share insights during the journey and remain on-site, ready to bring you back. No need to search for a different vehicle or driver; the same bus that drops you off will be waiting for you. No need to fret about waiting for your bus in any kind of weather - whether it's hotter than a dragon's breath, raining cats and dogs or colder than a snowman's heart. Our bus will be there patiently waiting for your return. After your lakeside escapade, our drivers will chauffeur you back to your pick-up location. Easy peasy, no stress, no hassle.

You can choose from our three thrilling trip options at Moraine Lake & Lake Louise Shuttle page.

Moraine Lake
Moraine Lake

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