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Lake Louise and Moraine Lake shuttle bus – Explore Two Lakes in one Trip

Updated: Mar 30

Let's talk about the world-renowned Lake Louise and Moraine Lake, two iconic destinations nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. These gems have captivated millions of visitors over the years and stand as the top highlights of Banff National Park. Lake Louise, known as Ho-run-num-nay or the "Lake of the Little Fishes" by the Stoney Nakoda First Nation Poeple, ranked as Canada's second most visited place after Niagara Falls in 2022 (according to Planet Ware).

Moraine Lake has become so popular that Parks Canada had to rethink how to manage traffic, preserve the area, and still bring visitors to enjoy this fantastic lake. They decided only to allow commercial vehicles to avoid the parking craziness of the past (no more fistfights over parking spots, YAY!)

Since these two lakes are pretty close to each other, you would be able to see them in one trip. Check out our Two Lakes in One Trip service.


Lake Louise is 2 km (1.2 miles) long with an elevation of around 1731 meters (5679 feet) and a depth of 70 m (229.6 feet). The moment your eyes lay on Lake Louise for the first time is breathtaking, and any photos or videos you may have seen before your trip do not give that same sensation.

Seeing the Victoria Glacier in the back of the lake, hanging on the steep mountain, is a postcard-perfect moment.

Lake Louise has a lovely shoreline walk for anyone looking to stretch their legs after the drive from Canmore/ Banff.

On the shore of the lake, you'll find the iconic Chateau Lake Louise hotel, which was built in 1882 and first opened by the Canadian Pacific Railway. Even at that time in history, visitors from around the world were drawn to the stunning mountains and opportunities for climbing.The luxurious hotel has an amazing lake view in some of its prestigious rooms that would make the best spot for a morning java.

The distance between the two lakes is only 14 km (8.6 miles), about 25 minutes' drive.

The paved mountainous road will offer great views of several glaciers and peaks, so you can appreciate this outing even more. Among these sights are Mt.Temple, the tallest peak in the Lake Louise area with an elevation of 3544 meters (11627 feet), Panorama Peaks at around 2800 meters (9186 feet), and the The Valley of the Ten Peaks averaging around 3234 meters (10610 feet) and many more. These are likely the ones that your eyes will be drawn to.


After arriving at Moraine Lake, you may wonder where the best location is to get the best views/shots of the lake. The locals' favourite is the Rockpile, which is short and easily accessible. It usually takes about 10 minutes to reach the top. This easy trail is about 0.4 km (0.25 miles) long. From there, you get a fantastic perspective of the magical turquoise colour of Moraine Lake. You can wander on the designated walking paths to see the lake from different angles. Most days, you can see the Ten Peaks' reflection on the lake's surface. The image speaks a thousand words.

Moraine Lake is nestled deeper within the mountains and is very close to the steep couloirs, some still covered with snow and ice from the previous winter months.

Although Moraine Lake is a bit smaller than Lake Louise, it does not fall short of the WOW factor. Its altitude is 1884 meters (6181 feet), and its depth is 14 meters (46 feet).

One of the questions we often get is, which of the two lakes do we like the most?

It's a hard one since both lakes offer different vibes. Lake Louise is more open, so the view of the Victoria Glacier is like that of a big theatre in the background. On the other hand, Moraine Lake is more tucked away in the backcountry.

We love them both equally.

No matter if you have the best camera or phone, you are just a click away from capturing some incredible moments for the future to look back at your trip to the Rockies. Or maybe you are someone who lives in the moment and prefers memories.

No matter which category of travelers you fall into, you will love these two alpine lakes for their amazing color and surroundings.


You may be wondering how to get to Moraine Lake and Lake Louise.

The drive from the pick-up locations is also very stunning. The change between the mountain ranges on the way to the two lakes tells the tale of the Canadian Rockies' creation.

Driving a personal vehicle to Lake Louise is still an option; however, with the increased interest in these two lakes, it is nearly impossible to find a parking spot on most summer days, from the early morning to late evening. The easiest way to access Moraine Lake and Lake Louise is with Canmore Travel. Not only would you have guaranteed access to both lakes, but you would also appreciate the knowledgeable driver/guide during your exploration. Remember that as of last year, 2023, Moraine Lake is only open for commercial vehicles with special permits. If you would love to see Moraine Lake and Lake Louise during your time in the Canadian Rockies, visit the Canmore Travel website and book your Lake Louise and Moraine Lake shuttle bus.

Lake Louise and Moraine Lake shuttle
Lake Louise



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