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Lake Louise Drive Construction 2024

Updated: Apr 30

Lake Louise and Moraine Lake, in the Canadian Rockies, are beacons for travelers seeking natural beauty. However, the summer of 2024 presents a formidable challenge. Road construction projects and, in general, a lack of parking spots threaten to disrupt the seamless experience visitors expect, raising concerns for those planning to explore this iconic destination.

The Road Construction at Lake Louise Challenge:

As the summer sun casts its warm glow over the mountainous terrain, road construction crews descend upon the Lake Louise area, tasked with improving infrastructure and ensuring the safety of travelers. While these efforts are commendable in the long run, they unavoidably lead to temporary inconveniences for those navigating the region by private vehicles.

Where exactly is Lake Louise, and where will the construction take place?

Lake Louise Village is right by the Trans Canada Highway, about 400 meters from the highway exit. The lake is about 4.5 km up a steep hill from the village. The road between the village and the lake is pretty narrow and winding and exactly where the construction will occur. This road has always been extremely busy and clogged for long periods, even without construction. The Lake Louise shore parking lot is full almost all the time. If you get there and there is no parking spot for you (which is most likely the case), the traffic personnel will navigate you through the whole parking lot right back down to Lake Louise Village. There are no places to pull over, and U-turns are prohibited on the way down. If you are lucky and get a spot at Lake Louise Shore (consider yourself a lottery winner), there is paid parking in effect from 3 a.m. to 7 p.m. between May 17th and October 14th, 2024. The fee is $36.75 per vehicle per day, and there is no hourly rate. Needless to say, Lake Louise is extremely popular. To make things even more complicated, the turn-off to the famous Moraine Lake is right on Lake Louise Drive. You have a good idea by now that getting to Lake Louise by car is going to be difficult. The construction work along the Lake Louise road can result in delays and detours, testing the patience of even the most seasoned travelers. Increased traffic congestion and limited access routes may necessitate careful planning and flexibility from visitors, particularly during peak travel times.

New rules for access to Moraine Lake:

Adding to the situation's complexity is a recent regulation from Parks Canada regarding access to Moraine Lake. Under this new regulation, Moraine Lake is only accessible by commercial vehicles. This decision came after a parking predicament of the last several years.

Our solution to Lake Louise Drive construction:

While the prospect of road construction, parking shortages, and new regulations may seem daunting, there are great ways visitors can see and enjoy these iconic places. We at Canmore Travel have got you covered with our Lake Louise and Moraine Lake shuttle bus. We offer guaranteed access to both lakes with no hassle, no parking nightmare and directly from Canmore and Banff. No bus transfers, no car-bus switches and no waiting for your bus in a long line. Our drivers await you at the lakes, so you can jump right back in the vehicle with the same group of fellow travelers and the same friendly guide/driver who will take you back to your original pick-up location in Banff or Canmore. Our pick-up locations are conveniently located within walking distance from most hotels in Canmore and Banff. Our local drivers/guides share their knowledge with our guests on the way to the lakes, making the scenic drive even more enjoyable. If you still decide to go to Lake Louise with your own vehicle, don't miss out on seeing Moraine Lake! If a Sunrise at Moraine Lake is on your radar, you are lucky! We offer Moraine Lake Sunrise Shuttle! It is one of the most popular attractions here in Banff National Park. You get to spend 1.5-1.75 hours watching the magic of the Canadian Rockies.

Don't waste your precious vacation time in the car searching and waiting for a parking spot. Book with Canmore Travel and make the most of your time in the Canadian Rockies.

A picture of Lake Louise Drive construction 2024
Lake Louise Drive

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