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Sunrise at Moraine Lake

Updated: May 12

Ah, Moraine Lake, the crown jewel of Banff National Park! You've probably heard about its majestic beauty from our blog, the internet, or maybe even your cousin's friend's Instagram feed.

No matter how you learned about this magical place, it is now on your bucket list, and there is no way you can stop thinking about it.

Getting there might sound like a bit of a puzzle - no cars allowed, and finding your way can be a tad tricky. But no worries! Our Moraine Lake and Lake Louise shuttle from Canmore and Banff is here to save the day. We operate out of Canmore and Banff and bring you directly to these beauties. Moraine Lake sits 94 km from the Town of Canmore and 72km from the Town of Banff in Banff National Park, Alberta. Lake Louise is 84 km from Canmore and 61 km from Banff.


When is the best time to visit Moraine Lake?

Now that you already know that we can take you there, the important question to ask yourself is, when's the best time to go? Well, that's the big question! Whether it's sunrise, noon, or sunset, Moraine Lake always looks like it's straight out of a fairy tale. According to us, no time of the day is better than the other. This place is spectacular no matter the time, the weather or the season.

We run our services throughout the day, allowing you to choose the best time for you.


Let's talk about the Sunrise at Moraine Lake.

Many would tell you that the sunrise is the best time at Moraine Lake. Do we agree?

Of course! Together with the mid-day, evening, sunset, and the whole day, really :-).

But why do so many people find sunrise as the best time?

Picture this: you arrive at the lake as the world is waking up. Birds are chirping, and chipmunks are saying hello. Everything is fresh and about to start a new day. You are slowly walking up the Rock Pile, a 400-meter-long one-way trail, while chipmunks are curiously peeking out from behind the rocks. It's still a bit dark. The trail is short and a little steep.

But don't worry, it is well-maintained and has stairs. We also provide you with headlamps to light up your way. The elevation gain is only 30 meters (98 feet). You reach the viewpoint at the Rock Pile and find an excellent spot for the show. You take a deep breath, and the show of the sunrays slowly starts at the very tops of the Ten Peaks. Nature paints the mountains in shades of pink and orange while the lake reflects this magic on its surface.

The water in the morning is calm on most days, providing you with a perfect mirror reflection so clear you get almost lost in it. As the sun rises, the spectacular "20-dollar view" opens before you. Why "20 dollars view"? It sounds kind of cheap, doesn't it? :-) According to us, it really is a multi-million dollar view, but the reason behind this name is the fact that this view was depicted on a 20-dollar Canadian bill in the past. You are looking around and thinking, this must be just a dream. It feels like you entered a postcard, except you are right there in the real world with fresh mountain air. Our mountain air can be so fresh that you might feel a little chilly. We recommend dressing warmly, in layers, and bringing your hat and gloves just in case. If you still feel cold, we provide cozy blankets that will help you to enjoy the moment to its fullest.

The chipmunks will most likely approach you, expecting you to share your breakfast with them. But hold on a second before you start sharing (they're adorable, we know). Remember, it's best to enjoy wildlife from a distance. Plus, feeding them could get you in trouble with Parks Canada. They are wild animals, and we should not teach them to rely on us to secure food. 


Not an early bird? Try our Sunset at Moraine Lake or "Two Lakes in one" trip.

Sunrise at Moraine Lake is a great experience, and we highly recommend it. However, if waking up early isn't your thing, no problem! Our shuttle service has other ways to experience Moraine Lake's beauty—whether it's Two Lakes in One Trip or catching the sunset, we've got something for everyone. Book NOW!

Experience the serene beauty of Sunrise at Moraine Lake, with the tranquil waters reflecting the first light of dawn against the backdrop of majestic mountain peaks. Let our Moraine Lake sunrise shuttle transport you to this captivating scene.
Sunrise at Moraine Lake


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