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Larch Valley shuttle


Moraine Lake shuttle

Meet Lenka, a travel enthusiast, founder, creative powerhouse, and mastermind behind Canmore Travel. Hailing from Europe, Lenka has conquered the guiding world in Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, UK and ventured to the land of maple syrup and moose - Canada! Lenka's love affair with Canada began in 2009 when she stumbled upon the breathtaking beauty of Canmore, Banff, and the surrounding areas. It was like love at first sight, or rather, love at first sightseeing.

As fate would have it, Lenka later found herself guiding bus tours and leading hikes to and around the mesmerizing Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. While exploring the majestic lands of Canmore, Banff, and their captivating surroundings, Lenka encountered a parking predicament of epic proportions at Moraine Lake.

It was as if the parking spots had vanished like socks in a washing machine, leaving frustrated visitors in a perplexing puzzle. Amidst the chaos, Lenka also worked as a concierge in Canmore. She witnessed the heartbreak and disappointment on the faces of those who yearned to reach the illustrious Moraine Lake with their own personal vehicles but were met with defeat. 

It was at that very moment, when frustrations reached their peak that the idea of starting a shuttle service from Canmore was born.
In 2020, with enthusiasm bursting at the seams, Lenka officially established the business. However, just when the world was ready to embrace her brilliance, it decided to take a vacation of its own - the whole world shut down. But Lenka refused to surrender! With her unyielding determination and a sprinkle of sheer stubbornness, she navigated the challenges, and now our company is up and running like a well-oiled shuttle machine. With the recent ban on private vehicles from Moraine Lake Road, Lenka's purpose has become even more meaningful and useful. Lenka's experience as a certified guide and her knack for driving larger vehicles ensure that our shuttle experiences are not only safe but also enjoyable. While she may not be the one behind the wheel, her exuberance and creativity infuse every aspect of our operations, guaranteeing a seamless and delightfully unforgettable journey for all our passengers. Plus, being a woman-owned business adds an extra touch of sparkle and fun to our spirited venture.

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