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A Guide to Your Visit at Moraine Lake: Moraine Lake Shuttle

Updated: Mar 30

Moraine Lake, snuggled among the stunning Canadian Rockies, is a place that wows people with its beautiful blue waters, tall mountains, and untouched nature. If you're thinking about going to this famous spot in Banff National Park, it's super important to plan your trip really well so you can have the best time ever. In this guide, we'll talk about everything you need to know, like how to get to Moraine Lake, Moraine Lake shuttle, starting point and distance, food options at Moraine Lake, what to bring to Moraine Lake, what clothing to wear, washrooms at Moraine Lake, souvenirs at Moraine Lake, etc.

Can I drive to Moraine Lake?

Unfortunately, this is a big no. In some of our blog posts, you might have already read that parking at Moraine Lake used to be an absolute nightmare. The parking lot at Moraine Lake is pretty small and was not designed for the number of vehicles that nowadays enter Banff National Park daily. In the not-so-distant past, only a very limited number of cars were lucky enough to make it to Moraine Lake and find a parking spot. The majority of the vehicles were turned away by park employees since the parking lot was always full. Sometimes, visitors even got into arguments over parking spots. It was hard for visitors, park employees and even our precious wildlife. So Parks Canada restricted access to Moraine Lake for private vehicles, and currently, only commercial vehicles with a special permit can access the Moraine Lake road. You are probably asking now,

So, how do I get to Moraine Lake? 

Luckily, there are ways to get to Moraine Lake. And it's way more accessible now than before. Plus, you are guaranteed to actually see this majestic beauty. Most people in the past several years were disappointed because they never even got to Moraine Lake. 

One of the ways to do this is with Canmore Travel. Canmore Travel offers a Sunrise shuttle to Moraine Lake, a mid-day "Two lakes in one Trip" with an extra bonus stop at Lake Louise and a Sunset shuttle to Moraine Lake. You can check these offerings at

Many would say that Moraine Lake is the best at sunrise. We think Moraine Lake is the best at any time of the day. But if you are a sunrise enthusiast and want to see the magic of the orange/pink colour brightening up The Valley of the Ten Peaks and reflecting this show on Moraine Lake's surface, this would be your trip.

Not really a morning person? Do you prefer to get your beauty sleep in and start adventuring a little bit later? Then, the Two Lakes in One Trip would be your best option. And you will get an extra bonus on this one: a stop at the famous Lake Louise. This is a great option for those who are tight on time. No waiting in long lines with us!

If you are more of an evening person and enjoy the golden hours of the day, Sunset at Moraine Lake is the best time for you to go. Usually, this time is also the most quiet time at Moraine Lake. And who knows, maybe you'll be lucky and spot some wildlife since animals tend to show off their beauty at this time of the day.


How long are the lines for your shuttle?

There are NO LINES if you book with us! You do not have to wait in line (several times) to see the lake/s. The vehicle with the driver waits at the lakes for you.

Where are the starting points of our trips?

How to get to Moraine Lake from Canmore or Banff?

Canmore is a small town 94 km from Moraine Lake. Canmore is becoming increasingly popular, especially lately, with the series The Last of Us being filmed there. Many visitors stay in hotels in Canmore, which is the starting point for our shuttle to Moraine Lake.

With four pick-up spots strategically located throughout the town and within walking distance from most hotels, it is the most convenient way to get to Moraine Lake from Canmore.

Banff is another small, beautiful town that is an excellent gateway to Moraine Lake. It is the main town in Banff National Park, which lies 71km from Moraine Lake. It is our second location where we pick up our clients. Visitors coming to the Banff National Park usually stay in Banff town or Canmore. 

Our pick-up location in Banff is The Banff Park Lodge Resort Hotel. It is located in downtown Banff, within walking distance from the majority of Banff's hotels.

Please see more about our pick-up locations in our FAQ.

What are other ways to get to Moraine Lake?

If you are feeling adventurous, you can hike or bike to Moraine Lake. However, hiking or biking the Moraine Lake Road might not be the most pleasant experience since the road is narrow, twisty and has no shoulders. Also, there are not many places with a view since most of it is in the trees. A round trip from Lake Louise shore is about 29 km (if you are lucky enough to find a parking spot at Lake Louise shore) or even more from Lake Louise village (it depends on where you can find parking).

Is there any food option at Moraine Lake?

There is one coffee shop at Moraine Lake Lodge. The opening hours are usually between 9am and 4:30pm, but every season is slightly different, and the opening hours may vary. There are typically long lines, so we do recommend packing some snacks and water with you.

How do you dress for the trip to Moraine Lake?

And what to bring?

The weather in the Rockies is very unpredictable, changing rapidly and often. Depending on the time of the day and year you plan to visit, we recommend preparing for any kind of weather, from hot, rainy, snowy and cold. Dressing in layers and bringing a hat and sunscreen is highly recommended. Comfortable shoes/boots, water, and snacks are essential.

Are there washrooms at Moraine Lake

Yes. There are dry toilets at Moraine Lake.

Is there a souvenir shop at Moraine Lake?

Yes, there is a souvenir shop at Moraine Lake. Their usual opening hours are 9am -5pm. However, every season is different, and the opening hours may vary.

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