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Weather At Moraine Lake

Welcome to Moraine Lake!

A stunning destination in the heart of Banff National Park, renowned for its breathtaking turquoise waters and majestic mountain scenery! If you plan to visit Moraine Lake, please be aware that the weather can be quite unpredictable, from chilly mornings to hot and sunny afternoons or occasional rain showers or flurries. Sometimes, the weather forecast might promise a 30-degree Celsius day in Banff or Canmore, but if you go to Moraine Lake for sunrise, the temperature might be around 0 degrees Celsius. And sometimes during the day, you can experience 30 degrees Celsius, even up high at the lake. It's essential that you come prepared for variable conditions to have an enjoyable experience. Don't worry, though - in this guide, we'll explore the best ways to dress for the ever-changing weather at Moraine Lake so you can stay comfortable and ready to embrace the beauty of this iconic Canadian destination. 


Dressing in Layers for Your Moraine Lake visit:

One of the fundamental principles of dressing for variable weather is layering. Start with a moisture-wicking base layer, such as a lightweight, long or short-sleeved shirt and breathable pants or base layer like, to keep you comfortable next to your skin during this outing. This base layer will help regulate your body temperature and prevent chilling, even if you work up a sweat while exploring the area.

Next, add an insulating layer for warmth. A fleece jacket or down vest is an excellent choice for this middle layer, providing insulation without adding too much bulk. These materials are lightweight and packable, making them convenient for layering and adjusting your clothing as needed throughout the day.

The outer layer should include waterproof and windproof gear to shield you from rain, snow, and gusty winds. A durable shell jacket will keep you dry and comfortable, allowing you to enjoy Moraine Lake's beauty even in inclement weather.

Accessories for Comfort and Protection:

In addition to clothing layers, remember to accessorize for comfort and protection during your visit to Moraine Lake. A hat and gloves are good ideas for retaining warmth, especially during cooler mornings. Choose touchscreen-compatible gloves if you use your smartphone or camera to capture the stunning scenery.

Protect yourself from the sun's rays with sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat. Even on cloudy days, UV rays can penetrate the clouds, causing sunburn and potential eye damage. Apply sunscreen to exposed skin and reapply regularly, particularly if you spend an extended period outdoors.

Footwear is another crucial consideration when exploring Moraine Lake. Wear sturdy, comfortable footwear with good traction to navigate uneven terrain and potentially muddy trails. Proper footwear will provide stability and support, reducing the risk of slips and falls. We do not recommend high heels or flip-flops.


Packing Essentials for Exploring Moraine Lake:

When preparing for your visit to Moraine Lake, consider packing a few extra essentials to ensure you're ready for whatever the weather may bring.

A lightweight, packable rain poncho or umbrella is another handy item to have on hand. While a waterproof jacket will provide excellent protection, a poncho or umbrella can offer additional coverage. 

A Wrap-Up for Your Moraine Lake Visit:

Exploring Moraine Lake during its opening month offers an unparalleled opportunity to witness the beauty of nature in transition. The scenery is nothing short of spectacular, from snow-capped peaks to blooming wildflowers and shimmering turquoise waters. However, with variable weather conditions ranging from chilly mornings to sunny afternoons and the occasional rain shower, dressing appropriately is essential for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Our van is conveniently located nearby in the parking lot, so feel free to leave any items behind during your visit to the lakes. You can also bring what you need for the day's weather in a small pack to keep everything with you at all times, which will make your travel experience more comfortable.

Remember to pack a snack and water.


By following these tips for dressing in layers, accessorizing for comfort and protection, and packing essential items for variable weather, you'll be well-prepared to make the most of your visit to Moraine Lake

Book Your Trip with Canmore Travel:

Ready to experience the unparalleled beauty of Moraine Lake? Lace-up your shoes, grab your camera, and book your trip with Canmore Travel and get ready to immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of this iconic Canadian destination.

Moraine Lake Shuttle
Moraine Lake shuttle

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